We have moved as of January 1, 2018!

575 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 202
Kalispell, MT 59901

Thank you for visiting our website, but as a reminder, our office has moved and transitioned to Eclipse Tax & Accounting, Inc. here in Kalispell. We sent out letters in November and December to all our Kalispell clients with information about the change (see below). Please stop by and visit our new office or call with any questions.

Visit the Eclipse Tax & Accounting, Inc. website at: www.eclipsecpa.com


I am writing to you personally, to share some very exciting, but important news. First, I’d like to share with you a few things about my life and some changes that are happening as it relates to our relationship.

This is a tough letter for me to write.  After starting, building, growing and nurturing this CPA Practice for 19 years, I’ve made a decision to start downsizing and simplifying life a bit.

For many of you who know me personally, Shawnae and I have been smitten with “Life on a Sailboat”. Our plan is to start retirement (relatively) early, and spend several years aboard in the Caribbean and then 5 years circumnavigating the world. We are taking the next step to put that plan into place now.

Your financial affairs, your taxes, and your business success are truly very important to me. I sincerely care about you and want the best for you going forward. To that end, I have worked for several years on a plan to put in place a successful transition, that enables me to unwind things a bit, but also a plan that protects you and helps you continue to be successful financially.

After evaluating many many options, I have entered into an agreement with a local CPA to work with you moving forward into the future. Katy Croft and I have worked together for more than a dozen years. She is a woman of integrity – she is smart – she is hardworking – she is active in our community – she is a small business entrepreneur. Most importantly, she is a mom and a real person too – someone you can talk to and relate with. In other words, I truly believe this transition will work well. We’ll be scheduling an Open House, setting up some times for “Meet and Greets”, and taking other steps in December and January to assure that this will work smoothly. Incidentally, Katy’s office (Eclipse Tax & Accounting, Inc.) uses the same tax and practice management software, too, so all of your detailed tax data can be transitioned over seamlessly – there will be no data conversion issues or problems.

There is other great news! Most of my staff will be transitioning over to Eclipse as well, so the same people who handled your day-to-day bookkeeping and routine tax work will continue to do so. Jessica Sturzen, Ron Short, Terry Stevens and Dianna Adkins will all continue to work with you. And, during this first year of transition, Shawnae and I will be involved too, making sure you are taken care of.

Bottom line >>> Things will be different, but please know that a tremendous effort went into structuring a transition that protects you! I want you to absolutely know that you will be taken care of! In the meantime, if you have any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 756-2721, or mark@bratzcpa.com

Stay tuned for more information and further details.

With gratitude and respect,